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Practice Silvia Bök on Iceland/ Akureyri:
Coaching, Rebalancing and Massage


In a personal conversation I accompany and support you in your individual concerns. It is a solution and goal oriented session in which you could reflect yourself independently, find answers or solutions and learn with my help to make your own change process itself.
Through the coaching process your perception is trained to create new lifestyles and personal development will be optimized so that you will confidently and appropriately react in stress or conflict situations.
Essential tool is the so-called Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP.


All of our experiences, emotions and physical experiences are stored in the body. Throughout our lives that leads to restructuring, tensions and distortions in the perception of the body. Rebalancing works at these points and triggers tension and structural changes in the fascia (connective tissue). With this particular type of bodywork you will get back into your natural power, to a straight posture and experience a completely new feeling. Usually about 10 Sessions are needed to build on each effect of the restructuring process.


For the following applications, you refer back to deep body relaxation as well:

  • Swedish classic massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reiki treatments