About me

Silvia Bök

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a completely professional reboot to let the old life behind and taking a new direction?

2011, I dared to step out of my 12-year commercial career and never regretted this decision, on the contrary! What a gift when old hindering can be released and instead new exhilarating experience, more vitality and joy filled my life!

Even I completed various trainings alongside the job step by step, my interest in people has made me always focus on my goal to work with them and to follow my calling. This way felt lightly and carefree, which helped me to various degrees in NLP, Coaching, Massage therapy, Rebalancing etc. in the time of 8 years.

Being a certified therapist in Rebalancing since 2011 and an international NLP- Master since 2008, I’m supporting and guiding my clients through difficulty conflicts or life situations to gain a better quality of life again and freedom with the past.

Body, mind and spirit can’t be healed separately, you have to connect with the whole being of a person. I’m developing myself every time new again and studying about other kind of healing methods to bring out the best results for my clients. Curiosity always led me forward in life, finding new ways and solutions!

Rebalancing bodywork is my passion, it is a powerful method of self discovery and transformation – to get in deep touch and deep connection with yourself again. Can you imagine becoming pain free myself after 20 years of spine and back pain through the Rebalancing training , was a great impact on my profession, to start a new career and help people because of this experience. Healing can be so powerful if you know the right way!

My gratitude belongs to my teacher Salila Fuchs and Neeten Manfred Hendrich, which educated me at the baltic sea in Rebalancing bodywork in Parin 2010/11 in Germany.

I moved 2015 to Iceland (Akureyri) where my practice includes individual sessions in Rebalancing, joint release and Neoreichian bodywork, Reiki treatments, coaching with NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) and family constellation. I’m leading meditation groups since 2012 and assisted Rebalancing trainings at the baltic sea in Germany and in Switzerland. In collaboration with Salila Eleonore Fuchs I started to build up Rebalancing bodywork trainings in Iceland nearby Akureyri in September 2018. The next training will start in Laugarvatn, near Reykjavík in September 2022- April 2024. More information here! 

I wish you a life, filled with joy, love and passion! Being more connected and present with yourself, freeing your body and mind from old pain patterns of the past, you are creating a vital, healthy and radiant life you wish for!

Atma Silvia Bök