About me

Silvia Bök

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a completely professional reboot to let the old life behind and taking a new direction?

2011, I dared to step out of my 12-year commercial career and never regretted this decision, on the contrary! What a gift when old hindering can be released and instead new exhilarating experience, more vitality and joy filled life!

Even I completed various trainings alongside the job step by step, my interest in people has made me always focus on my goal to work with them and to follow my calling.This way felt lightly and carefree, which helped me to various degrees in NLP, Coaching, Massage therapy, Rebalancing etc. in the time of 8 years.
2012 installed myself fortunate circumstances from Celle to Berlin, where I lived for 2,5 years in this wonderfully vibrant city and worked in my private practice. My way led me in March 2015 in accordance with Iceland, where I continue to practice with fulfillment and passion as:

  • naturopath contender
  • certified international NLP-Master Practitioner (INLPTA),
  • Personal Life-Coach,
  • Massagetherapist,
  • certified Rebalancer
  • Reiki Master (3rd level)

“Whatever you decide to do- make sure it makes you happy.”

Silvia Bök