What can we accomplish with fasting

  • Rid yourself of body aches and pains (joints, back pain etc.)
  • Learn how to enjoy food in moderation
  • Helps with addiction of all sorts (sugar, meds etc.)
  • Fasting leads to soft clear skin, it tightens connective tissue
  • Helps with physical and emotional changes during the menopause and midlife crisis
  • Quickest way of losing extra weight (although the least important one)

Who Can Fast Outside of Clinical Facility

  • Everyone who is healthy and not on medication
  • Kids 14 and up
  • Elderly

Who Can’t Fast Without Clinical Supervision

  • Sick people
  • People on medication
  • People with high or low blood pressure
  • People recovering after surgery
  • People suffering from bulimia and anorexia

How Best to Fast

  • In a group on a supervised retreat
  • In Clinical Fasting Hospital

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During the detox and process of healing, a variety of symptoms may occur. This can be overwhelming or frightening if not understood in the context of healing. We provide the coaching and guide you every step of the way in a safe environment.

Depending on toxicity of your body, these healing events might be fatigue, headache, joint pain, loose stool, mood swings, insomnia, mucus discharge, low back pain, weight loss, etc.

We will implement plant medicine and therapeutic grade essential oils to gently support your body during the cleansing process.