In a personal conversation I accompany and support you in your individual concerns. It is a solution and goal oriented session in which you could reflect yourself independently, find answers or solutions and learn with my help to make your own change process itself.
Through the coaching process your perception is trained to create new lifestyles and personal development will be optimized so that you will confidently and appropriately react in stress or conflict situations.
Essential tool is the so-called Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP.

Free Preliminary

Are you looking for solutions in professional or personal matters?
Trust is an important requirement in coaching to get successfully to the goal!
I am happy to offer you the space for a free preliminary, so you get a first impression of me and my work as a personal coach and you make sure for yourself whether the “chemistry” is right between us and you feel in good hands.
In preliminary, I show you on ways to define your goals and desires and how to achieve them. Together we will discuss your individual concerns and you will have the possibility to take interesting ideas, to get to know me and my work obligation.


Benefits of Coaching

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations or circumstances that do not have our best forces or our resources. An individual coaching can provide valuable solutions among others the following topics: Crisis Stress and Exhaustion Conflicts at work or private life … Read More

What is NLP?

NLP Neuro-linguistic means, programming and represents a significant change in approach to work and successful communication. NLP was developed in the 70s by the American John Grinder and Richard Bandler, who analyzed the work of the successful hypnotherapist Milton Erikson, … Read More

Who benefits?

Coaching is for all the people who are looking for solutions in professional or personal matters. No matter whether you are achieving your personal goals or to communicate more successfully within your environment or your company, coaching for the following … Read More