What is NLP?

Personal Coaching

NLP Neuro-linguistic means, programming and represents a significant change in approach to work and successful communication.

NLP was developed in the 70s by the American John Grinder and Richard Bandler, who analyzed the work of the successful hypnotherapist Milton Erikson, the Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls and especially the family therapist Virginia Satir and modeled so that their communication and treatment methods as the basis of NLP – techniques have been combined and have until now developed and refined.

Neuro is our perception that is controlled by our 5 senses and the nervous system.
Linguistic means, how we use language to give verbal or non-verbal expression of our perception and our bodies.
Programming is learned behavior and thought patterns can be changed again.

NLP is concerned with the subjective experience and the patterns or “programming” that act between the nervous system, the language and the body and these are reflected in effective and in ineffectual behavior.