Who benefits?

Coaching is for all the people who are looking for solutions in professional or personal matters. No matter whether you are achieving your personal goals or to communicate more successfully within your environment or your company, coaching for the following people is interesting:

  • Executives
  • Team-/ Projektmanager
  • Seller
  • Sales staff
  • Selfemployer
  • Pedagogue
  • Therapists
  • Individuals
  • Musician/Singer
  • Athletes

Goals of Coachings

  • more vitality
  • define and achieve personal goals
  • resolve conflicts at work or private life
  • Exemption from blocking behavior patterns und unpleasant feelings
  • improved communication with yourself and the outside world
  • Self-awareness training, strengthen self-confidence
  • discover true strenghts and talents (being more authentic)
  • more motivatation and drive
  • Make decision more quickly and effectively
  • Control of one’s own mental processes and actions
  • Personality development (more Charisma and presence)
  • lead a life that is closer to your own wishes and ideas.

Free Preliminary

Are you looking for solutions in professional or personal matters?
Trust is an important requirement in coaching to get successfully to the goal!
I am happy to offer you the space for a free preliminary, so you can get a first impression of me my work as a personal coach and you make sure for yourself whether the “chemistry” is right between us and you feel in good hands.
In preliminary, I show you on the ways to define your goals and desires and how to achieve them. Together we will discuss your individual concerns and you will have the possibility to take interesting ideas to get to know me and my work obligation.