Dates, Cost and Registration Rebalancing training Reykjavík/Laugarvatn

Here you’ll find information about the dates, cost and registration:

The Rebalancing training will take place in Reykjavík  in the new holistic healing center Leiðin heim in Laugavegur 178, 3. floor and one time in Laugarvatn at Héraðsskólinn Historic Guesthouse, in the heart of the golden circle with a wonderful view to the lake Laugarvatn- one hour drive from Reykjavík.

The training will be held in english, it is possible to translate the lessons in icelandic.

Following weekends and 3-5 days single block trainings will be held on:

2023 in Reykjavík:
1. part March 17-19  (3 days)
2. part April 14-16 (3 days)
3. part May 26-29 (4 days)
4. part June 8-11 (4 days)

5. part Aug 31 – Sept 3 (4 days – Body types, open for everyone evtl. online)
6. part Oct 13-15 (3 days)
7. part Nov 24-26 (3 days)

2024 in Reykjavík:
8. part Jan 12-14 (3 days)
9. part Febr 9-11 (2.5 days)
10.part March 8-10 (3 days)
11.part April 12-14(2,5 days)
12. part May 16-20 (5 days, Certification)

(Starting and ending time of weekend training Fridays-Sundays is always 17:00.  Trainings with 3 -5 days start 10:00 am., ending the last day at 5:00 pm).

Total time for the training is 40 days. The (app.) cost for the training per day is ISK 15.000 , the total is ISK 600.000 (not including accommodation). You can pay each individual part of the training separately monthly, or the whole training. Places in the training are limited, so we advise to pay the first part of the training, ISK 60.000 , to secure your place at least in advance by February 15th, 2023.

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