Juicing experience

Sanja Burger Webster, NYCFasting and juicing expert Sanja Burger Webster, NYC explains the benefits of juicing and her experiences:

By juicing for a certain amount of days (3-28) we rid our bodies of toxins, cleanse our digestive system, liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, virtually every organ, inside and out. Similar to fasting our body can repair itself easier and quicker, our immune system is boosted and our natural rejuvenation process can flourish.

‘Being a person who supports and does fasting regularly, I was only rolling my eyes over different juicing concepts surfacing around, knowing they were nothing but a short lived fad.  

Several years ago, however,  I finally discovered a great juicing concept with recipes that make the whole process easy and enjoyable – an almost gourmet-like experience.

I spontaneously started juicing for a week as I was trying out the newly discovered recipes and was totally impressed with the whole experience. I found my Juice Guru!

Soon after, I completed a three week-long juicing retreat during which I learned hands-on all about holistic and therapeutic juicing and experienced all the miraculous benefits of juicing myself.

I had lots of energy, so much so, that often I didn’t even need to finish my juice, I was fully satisfied. I was rather overnourished!

I did daily 5k-10k hikes with ease, yoga, sauna, swimming in an ice cold pool, attended workshops nutrition and juicing-related activities. It was the most amazing experience, pure bliss!

My skin was velvety-soft, my eyes were bright, I lost 15lbs, and I was glowing! I was never hungry and mentally I was exceling.  After finishing my three week long juicing retreat I craved beautiful salads, soups, fresh fruit and vegetables. Processed food was not appealing at all.

Juicing several times a year or even monthly is a great way of giving your digestive system a rest and letting your body detox and repair from inside out.

Our juices are delicious and full of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. You won’t feel hungry and exhausted, in fact you’ll burst with energy and clarity of mind. You’ll be inspired and encouraged to finalize a long pending project, you’ll get new ideas and a new perspective in life, especially it this is your first time juicing.  

During our 4-day retreat we will cover many juicing-related topics. I’ll be able to answer many of your questions and explain more deeply and hands-on the concept of juicing.

I’ll share with you my favorite recipes as well as tips and tricks regarding the juicing equipment, organic versus non-organic produce, etc. We will talk about when to juice,  long and how often one should juice etc. etc.’

In the meantime do not hesitate to contact us with questions and concerns.  Contact here!