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We are excited to share with you an amazing Juicing retreat which takes place in a serene Lakehouse nearby þingvellir (Golden Circle) in Iceland!


























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For some inspiration on the fascinating topic of juicing, below is an article by my friend and co-host, Sanja Burger Webster from NYC:

Let’s talk about juicing – what it is and why we juice.

I think juicing has a bad rap here in the States because there is not enough information circulating the mainstream on what juicing really is or how to do it correctly.

Juicing is not fasting, it is not starvation, it is not low calorie diet nor is it a diet at all. Juicing is not ingesting lemon water with maple syrup and cayenne pepper OR drinking store bought heavily processed fruit juices, and it’s certainly not V8. Juicing is not living on energy drinks, protein shakes, or even worse coffee and sodas!

Living on juice (water and herbal teas) only, for three, seven, fourteen or twenty-eight days means feeding your body with powerful micro-nutrients. Just like an IV administered to hospital patients when they are dehydrated or malnourished, by ingesting juice, we are bypassing the digestive system and delivering “pure-gold” straight into your bloodstream.

Most people, especially ones on SAD (Standard American Diet) diet, get more nutrients during just one day of juicing, than an entire week or even a month of eating highly processed foods – laden with sugar, chemicals, bad fats etc. Not to mention daily caffeinated drinks, alcohol, medication and the list goes on. You get my point.

By juicing  – not blending – fruits and vegetables, we basically feed the body pure micronutrients.

While we do lose some fiber during the juicing process, juicing is the only way that we can easily ingest a pound of fruits and vegetables and do so three to five times a day. Imagine chewing a pound of produce for each meal. It would be a slow and painful process, I guarantee you. Not to mention that by trying to digest all that fiber, one would have lots of discomfort, also many nutrients would slip by along the way.

By juicing for a certain amount of days (3-28) we rid our bodies of toxins, cleanse our digestive system, liver, kidneys, bowels, skin, virtually every organ, inside and out. Similar to fasting our body can repair itself easier and quicker, our immune system is boosted and our natural rejuvenation process can flourish.

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 fruits and vegetables - pure micronutrients.  Cozy evenings at the fireplace  Tranquility and peace Superdetox juices creamy detox juice deluxe Massage treatment (Aroma oil incl.)

A typical day at the retreat:

8:00 am – guided meditation

9:00 am – guided lymphatic drainage self face massage

9:15 am – ginger shot

9:15 – 10:30 am – hiking, walking, running

10:30  am – Turbo Kick Juice (a thick juice thanks to avocado, rich in chlorophyll, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids like Omega3, many vitamins, like Vitamin E etc. It helps oxygenate the blood, alkalize the body, great for skin )

10:30 – 12:30 pm – free activities, dry brushing and shower, rest (we encourage you to do daily dry body brushing before showering and refrain from applying any cosmetics except for a body butter and face oil provided in your welcome kit)

1:00 pm – Natural Energizer Juice – give the body a natural lift with powerful nutrients such as Vitamin C, B, K as well as Iron, Calcium and Potassium.  

2:30 pm – Aromatherapy massage (relax and renew with Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils). Address your stress, immune response and inflammation. Move one step closer to homeostasis.  

4:00 pm – Pick me Up! Juice – you don’t need refined sugar mid-afternoon to keep you going. Pineapple and Snap Peas along with Zucchini, Cucumber, Spinach, Fennel and Lime does the job too!

6:00 pm – hiking, walking, running, stretching, workshops

7:00 pm – Avocado Bliss – thick and luscious, thick green juice with a kick of ginger.

8:00 pm – Guided Meditation

We may add a thing or two but his is the core schedule for now. One complimentary massage per person. Additional sessions (Rebalancing Deep Tissue treatments) available for purchase during the retreat. 

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