Fasting Location, costs and registration

The Karlsá Lodge 4 km away from Dalvík is an ideal spot that provides clean, quiet and comfortable surroundings to foster deep rest and introspection to allow for true healing, paired with the cleanest water in the world. The house has an outside hot tube and a sauna with a stunning mountain and ocean view. It provides 7 bedrooms, 4 baths and 13 beds:

  • Bedroom 1 –  1 double bed
  • Bedroom 2 – 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 3 – 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 4 – 1 double bed
  • Bedroom 5 – 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 6 – 2 single beds
  • Bedroom 7 – 3 single beds

Our guests come here to fast, cleanse body and mind, lose weight and make diet and lifestyle changes.

Your stay will be guided by fasting expert Sanja Burger Webster and me, Atma Silvia Bök. I am looking forward to this and many more retreat weeks we are planning for you.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you and bringing you in a state of health, love, inner peace and vitality.


for 7 days fasting retreat (own arrival): ISK 159.000  (limited to 12 guests/single/double room)

To secure your place pay until 05. February 2019 ISK 100.000 please. The rest you’ll pay until 05. March 2019. Room booking wishes mention in the registration please! 

If you have any further question contact me! 

Registration here!