Rebalancing Sessions


Rebalancing is a systematic approach which works on the whole body on different areas. The concept is build on to a 10 treatment system:
Session 1: The Breath – Inspiration, Grace
The chest will expand and breathing deepened. By relaxing the diaphragm the body is raised, the breath is more lightly – you feel yourself more open, relaxed and more energetic.

Session 2: Grounding and Strength
The work on the legs, feet and joints relieves tension in the depth. You feel more stability and grounding support and the contact with the earth is clearly noticeable.

Session 3: The Sides – Give and take
The arms, shoulders, chest and the deep hip muscles get more relaxed. You experience a 3-dimensional perception of the body, from the front, back and side. It may be that this will increase your metabolism and thus you can lose weight.

Session 4: The Pelvis – Control and let go
The work on the inner thighs and their connection to the pelvis supports the lower back and the pelvis, so you find a more balanced pelvis position and feel more flexibel.

Session 5: The Core – Individual expression
The belly and deep abdominal muscles get loosen and relaxe, so that you feel your back straighten up and the pelvis is brought into balance. The work supports to be aware or let go old holded feelings.

Session 6: Being Upright
The deep layers of muscles of the back and legs relaxe so that a straighter posture arises. The body is set upright into what you might be exempted from chronic back pain.

Session 7: The Head – Unmasking the face
Main themes are the neck, the face and the neck. The goal is the harmonic balancing of the head to the upper body, because it improves chronic neck pain or tension in the jaw and eyes. (Especially suitable for people who sit on computers a lot and have problems with teeth grinding and breathing through the nose).

8, 9, and 10 meeting: Open Sessions – Integration
There are 3 so-called open sessions in which I treat you to your individual constitution, for example, to balance division between the upper and the lower half of the body , harmonize left and right half of the body, work on acut or chronic pain to bring the whole body and mind in a natural balance.
All sessions support to stimulate your metabolism, so that it can lead to loss in weight.
For further questions I am gladly at your disposal!