Gain new energy again, a mentally balanced and upstraight body!

This treatment is a holistic and intensive bodywork, a unique combination of body reading, deep and sensitive tissue massage, joint release on the whole body and breathing techniques, the awareness of emotions and their expression.
As a result, holded energies are released, the body relaxes again and brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live their essential unity of body, mind and heart.

All of our emotions and physical experiences are stored in the body. In the course of life this leads to restructuring, tensions and distortions in the perception of the body. Rebalancing works at these points and triggers tension and structural changes. These applications will help you holistically and consciously to contact with your body in contact and feel from the inside out, making a positive impact on life arises.

The body is assisted to reshape and re-establish, acut and chronic pain are getting improved, movements are more soft and the breathing deeper, blocked vital energy can flow again.

Usually about 10 Sessions are needed to support the restructuring process. Cleaning and change happens on the physical, structural and holistic level. A completely new feeling takes you back to your natural strength and upstraight the posture, which will brings your charisma and presence to the outside.