Facts about fasting

Throughout history fasting has been a common practice in many cultures for physical, mental and spiritual health. In the past 50 years, an effort has been made to develop an organized approach to using fasting as a procedure for facilitating the self healing process of the body.

These benefits are dependent upon your successful completion, as well as after care with lifestyle and dietary modifications.

During the fast, the body uses its energy not for digesting food, but for cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and healing any parts of it that are ill.

The body will consume anything that is not essential for body functioning, like bacteria, viruses, tumors, cysts, stones etc. waste products in the blood, and any build-up around the joints and stored fat.

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Facts about fasting

• Fasting is living without food – life without food for a certain period of time
• Fasting is drinking only water, tea, fresh juice, and mineral broth
• Fasting people feel no physical hunger
• Fasting is not starving, it is not eating less or avoiding meat on Friday
• Who feels hunger, fasts incorrectly
• Weeks and months long fasting is common in animal world
• Fasting is a normal phase of human life
• Fasting helps boost the body’s own immune system to support fighting disease
• Fasting means our bodies uses its own reserves to function and nourish itself
• Fasting is the best way to become fit and to stay fit

Different Forms of Fasting

• Water only
• Water with vitamins and minerals (commonly done in hospitals)
• Water and Tea only (no honey)
• Buchinger method : water, herbal tea, hot broth, fresh juice etc.

Five Rules of Fasting

• Not eating for 1, 2, 3 or more weeks – drinking only water, tea, soup and juice
• Getting a break from nicotine, alcohol, sugar, coffee, medication, make-up etc.
• Taking a break from family, work, calendar, social media, telephone, tv etc.
• Sleep, rest, walk, read, dance…Be spontaneous, do what our bodies feel like doing.
• Help body release toxins by drinking water, tea, juice etc. more than just for thirst, sweating, deep breathing, skin brushing, enema etc.